What is the cost?

The rate is $240 per 4-hour visit

Payment plans are available!!

Can you help me with my breastfeeding goals?

Absolutely, breastfeeding is a passion of mine and with many years of experience, I have lots of tips and tricks.

If I cannot personally help I will find you the help you need

What if I want to formula feed and not breastfeed?

That is totally OK. I am here to support you in any way you need, no matter how you choose to feed your baby

Can you pick up groceries for me or

things from the pharmacy?

Yes, I am happy to stop and collect the essentials on my way

Can you cook for me?

I would love to! Whether its Dinner for the whole family, a light lunch or snacks to get you through the week

Can I nap while you’re here?

It’s actually encouraged….But yes, you can shower, shave, snore, eat, or just enjoy a hot drink while it’s still hot. Or we can sit and chat the whole time and enjoy each other’s company. The choice is totally yours

What about school lunch prep?

If you have school aged children that require a packed lunch every day, I can help with that. With 4 myself I know the task well oh too well. I can pack snacks, cut fruit, make wraps or sandwiches or baked goodies to get you through the week. Let's make those mornings about enjoying coffee instead of frantic lunch packing

What if I just want to chat?

If all you need from me is a supportive listening ear while you cuddle and feed your baby or I hold baby while you talk and drink a hot drink, then that is what we will do. This is your time

Can you help with my older children?

If you have older siblings at home that need some love and attention too,

I am happy to help.

We can colour, sing, and play.

The Postpartum period can be tough on them too

What about dishes and laundry?

I can wash the dishes, empty the dishwasher, clean your pump and baby bottles, soak soiled clothes, wash dry and fold clothes. I can strip your bed and refresh your towels and even empty all the household bins or offer some light household cleaning

What about same sex families or

those who adopt or have a surrogate?

Families come in all shapes and sizes, some have lots of children, some have none and some have children from past relationships. It matters not to me how they became parents only that they want the best for each other and their baby  

If you have any questions you might like to ask, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'd love to chat

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Newcastle Doula - Newcastle Postpartum Doula

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